Discover the history of the former Cistercian abbey of Montheron and visit the archaeological sites.

Guided tours of the Cistercian site, the chapter room of the abbey of Montheron and the present church, followed by a concert on the new organ (2007) with its chime and nightingale, and old organ (1860 Sumiswald ) of the church.


montheron site archeologique cistercienThe archaeological site

Discover the world of Cistercians.
Come and discover in Montheron the story of an ancient abbey of Cistercian monks founded in 1045 and active until the reform in the sixteenth century. Approach to conventual and Cistercian architecture, as well as the withdrawal imposed by the choice of the monastic life, retired life apart from the world.


faade eglise montheron 6001The present church

In 1782, the architect William Fraisse expanded the church to the north and built the beautiful baroque façade we see today in the north of the building. Large windows make the interior brighter.
The church in the landscape, in this valley, near the stream in the forest. 


dessin 05 orgue LondeOrgans of the church

Organ 2007 17 stops with two keyboards and mechanical pedal board. There are also three sets of effects: a nightingale, a cuckoo and a star rotating Christmas. In the second keyboard, there is a small mechanical chime 3 octaves, 40 small bells. 


Choir organ

orgue sumiswaldOrigin: probably Emmenthal – perhaps Sumiswald. Date: 1860?
Factor is unknown.
Composition: Bourdon 8′, Principal 8′, Flute 4′, Superoctave 2′.


Prices in Swiss Francs

Guided tours on request:
Price: CHF 10.-/per person, minimum 10 people paying, up to 16 years free.
* Extra charge for organ recital:
Price: CHF 200.- for 15 min / CHF 400.- for 30 min / CHF 700.- for 60 minutes.

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